All good things...

... come to an end, yet not today! What I will be doing is moving to a bigger place. Over time blogger has given a great service in sharing my rantings regarding horology on the net. As with real life itself there is a time when one outgrows his/her car, his/her home an sometimes even one's job. Today "blogger" has become too small and I feel that it is time to move on and grow beyond what this great service can offer. It has been over 5 years now and it was great, unfortunately the problem with this service is that the very same nature of being a free service limits its use for something more advanced.

There are two reasons why I have decided to move on. First; the new system allows me to post pictures in full size and resolution without compromising picture quality. If you have followed me in the past you know that the accurate representation of the material was one of my main concerns. Not only pictures but video without commercials and the ability to have the video material sent as a Podcast to iTunes, etc... The options are simply worth the trauma. Second; personally I have also decided to join a new venture, "The Watch Enthusiast". This will enable me to diversify my involvement in watches while keeping it fun and independent. The challenge to join a team implicated in something unseen in the industry (open yet fair criticism and lack of censorship) is one that I simply could not resist.

This will be my last post on this blog. From today on I will we posting on the new blog as "DFV". I will also migrate some post, provided I have the material in high-res, to TWE's Blog.

I hope to see you all there soon, and please let yourselves known... Cheers!