How to shoot an URWERK...

... and make the Luminova sing.


1.- Wait for the .05 to stop. (Yes, it was very hard to refrain from winding it!)
2.- Make sure both, the URWERK and your camera are fixed in a steady position. (I suggest a tripod if you have one.)
3.- Set the watch to manual focus and exposure.
4.- Use a high f-stop value to increase focus and depth of field. (Use f.16 or higher)
5.- Set an exposure time between 10 to 30 seconds. (Don't go above if you use digital, there will be too much static.)
6.- Use a remote trigger. (If you don't have one use the timer.)
7.- Use your flash to manually flash the URWERK and make the Luminova glow.
8.- Pull the trigger!
9.- Enjoy.
10.- Post in your favorite Forum.

This, of course, would work on any other watch as well. So, what are you waiting for?!?

GP "Financial Times Chrono"

We are getting close to the big shows (Geneva/Basel) and the stuff just keeps poring in. Many business school text books say; "If it works, don't fix it". Recently AP has changed that slightly to; "If it works, milk it!" with their very successful Alinghi lineup. Now Girard-Perregaux has taken another step an rephrased the whole thing to; "If it's the only think you sell, think up many different ones to keep selling them". The world chrono has been the only well selling watch in their bag for quite some time. I consider GP a great manufacturer but for some reason they just seem to go nowhere. Great finishes and serious watchmaking have been handicapped by very high discounts and very low second hand market values.

All that said the world timer is a great watch and this "Financial Times" version adds a bit of spice to the original. Who know if they keep making many different versions they might turn into a collectors item.



You must be kidding me.

No wonder there are people that go berserk, take a shotgun and shoot indiscriminately into the general population... I am at a loss for words.

P.s. Does the model seem a "little" bloated or is it just me? ...babe, told you not to have had that bowl-o-beans before the shoot.

The King is dead... long live the King!

... what in the name...!?! This is the new daVinci? Not sure about the shape... looks like old news to me. Doesn't this look like old news to you? You judge...

I see that somebody has been pecking at their neighbors... Patek will not be happy (this chrono is a bit to close to some of Patek's stuff for my taste), and somebody else I now is going to be right out pissed. That 12 hour 60 minutes chrono on the same axis was meant to see the light last year with another brand, but unfortunately due to some unexpected events and a blatant lack of efficiency it did not. Even though the project was delayed it would have been smarter to present it and claim first place, instead to have somebody rain on your parade. Somebody talked somewhere down the line...

I wonder who has the rights to the old Porsche Design IWC watches. They look much better than any of the stuff that IWC is coming out with lately. The Portuguese is an old geezer, the Pilot's are a remnant of the past, the Ingenieur is nothing new, the Portofino looks like many other watches out there and the Aquatimer is surely nothing that will turn heads. All that said, an IWC is a fantastic watch. I just feel that unless they hire some designing muscle they will soon be added to the list of "prestigious sinking ships". I am certain that with a little "something" IWC have the potential to grow way beyond their current status.

I must admit that I am relieved to see their chrono perpetual movement in the new lineup. You just can't get better value for a perpetual anywhere.



Like many that follow, admire and respect Jaeger's work I am tempted to make predictions from time to time. Dreaming of how great it would be to have a ... with a ... I guess many of us do this all the time. Since my previous predictions was right (apart from rather obvious) regarding the AMVOX 3 I am tempted to make a prediction regarding the AMVOX 4. My bet would be the new Memovox movement that has seen the light inside the "GeoVox" but without the Geo. Maybe even modified to have all buttons on the same side... or maybe not. What I am certain would be awesome is the PVD look of the AMVOX 2 with this new Memovox movement, and in a 42 mm case if I might add. A little more sobriety could go a long way here. Any bets anybody?

Jaeger leCoultre...

P.s. Today is Friday the 16th of February, 2007... just wanted to mention this in case somebody "claims" (like with my AMVOX 3 prediction) I got the scoop from inside sources.

Cheeeesy girl...

I just can't help it but sometimes I wonder if the management of big companies take any time at all to look at the publicity they buy. I don't know what the guy that edited this "Viceroy" spot had on his mind, unless he thought that having Shakira pick cheese-balls between her toes was representative of the brand. Word of advice: If you are one of those that think this is sexy, please make an appointment with your shrink, you have a serious cheese fetish! In some cultures, mine included, it is considered DISGUSTING to play with ones foot while talking to somebody.

To be honest, the first time I saw the spot (and ever since) the whole commercial smelled like feet. Maybe they should have pitched a cheese fondu franchise instead. Oh no! (Now I am picturing her rubbing chunks of bread between her toes...) see?.. now I vomited.

Another one bites the dust...

Because of some mysterious misunderstanding (... upsss!) many have had the chance to get a sneak peak at one of the novelties to be introduced at this years Geneva show. Apparently the pictures of the new "GeoVox" where under embargo until the 2nd of April (sources tell me that the date is on the 19th of March now). They have now hastily been removed. They only did not count on Velociphile... jejeje (maliciously rubbing my hands). He was quick to the draw and has fortunately stored and Bloged the picture to make sure that everybody see the "horror" that will soon see the light at Jaeger. Well done V!!!

I have nothing against Valentino Rossi, actually I believe like many that he is most likely the best motorcycle pilot of all times. Now, what I certainly don't share are his looks and fashion sense. Just because I admire the guy's achievements and skill that does not mean that I have to go and fix myself a look like his... or do I? There is little doubt that he has a striking charisma, yes, but every time I see him on TV I get the sense that the "kid" needs a bath and a good shave. At barely 100 pounds I could understand that he is a sex symbol for slightly mentally unbalanced Manga-loving teens but he is definitely no Clooney or Brosnan... or is he? (If I have any female readers... here is where you can correct me if I am wrong). To me it would be like choosing Kate Moss over Gisele Bündchen.

(I know it's unfair, but I couldn't help myself...)

Now, why would I do that?!? They are both international supermodels with very successful careers, but unless I was completely deranged and had a low self esteem problem my pick would be Gisele. Which one would you choose? I don't see too many guys raising their hands for Kate... So why fashion a watch to his look and not just keep his deeds in mind? I guess that Jaeger is trying to fish for customers outside their usual crowd. Logical you might think... but didn't they try that with the AMVOX R-Alarm? As far as I know it was no success, actually far from it. If they keep insisting they are going to go the Zenith route in no time and add "red fluffy hair" to their watches any time soon.

Looking at it again I must admit that this LE is a very nasty surprise. I love Jaeger's Memovox movements and would have eventually fallen for this one in due time (if it where a regular production model). Now, even if there is a non Rossi edition I just have no incentive to get this watch anymore. I guess that just spared me a trip to the money tree, as well as another headache from my future wife.

Jaeger leCoultre...

UPDATE: The pictures are back up again.

URWERK 201 "Blackshark"

Just like the 103 the 201 will have a Platinum PVD'ed version. This "thing" sends shivers down my spine. At this point I don't know if I am just biased or what ever the guys at URWERK come out with I just think is awesome. I wish there is a more "affordable" URWERK in the future. I told Felix many times that a 102 in PVD'ed steel and a price tag under 10K would be a real killer. Unfortunately, Felix's idea is not to mass produce his watches (and I don't blame him). He believes that any manufacture that crosses the 500 pieces per year mark makes looses integrity. At these quantities it makes it impossible to properly control the quality of all the produced watches. To be honest, I think he is right. Many other manufacturers have crossed that line and things do change for the worse. This year URWERK will reach about 250 pieces (of the 103's and 201's altogether) and the 500 mark will not be reached for several years.

The first Blackbird created quiet a stir and despite its very high price tag it was in much higher demand than any other URWERK to date. Things will be no different with this one. There will be only 10 pieces and people are already lining up. This means that by the time it reaches the stores it will already be gone.

There is a great 201 presentation video in Horomundi that illustrates the function of the telescopic hand. Be patient, the demonstration is around the middle of the video, don't miss this!


OffShore "VOLCANO"

In order to quiet some critics regarding the sometimes overrated "in-house dilemma" with the Offshore, AP have just coughedup this new in-house movement. Since this is one of their most popular movements, it was only a mater of time that they eventually make it their own. I guess the "Volcano" is only the beginning of the transition of all OffShores to the new 3126/3840 calibre.

Now, many fanatics are ready to plunge themselves in a metaphysical debate (and keep ballbusting...) about the profound and troubling intricacies regarding the modular vs. the integrated movement construction bla bla bla... Hey, I have an idea! We should all pitch in to make a sort of Mad Max "thunder-dome". We put them in there, two at a time, and then let them beat themselves to death with long soft foam sticks. Whoever gets tired first looses the argument. What do you think?

Ejem... almost forgot. It sure looks like the color combos at AP are running out. Is it just me, or are the later Offshore models stating to get on the "freakish" side? Incredibly, this one compared to some others I have seen is quite conservative (especially some LEs made for Jewelers). Not sure if it is such a good idea to make the OffShore so colorful. It's great to make the OffShore more modern, however... this will also make it an item that will eventually loose its appeal.

The Volcano will be a regular collection model (thanks for that!!!) and is expected to be shipped this month world wide. Only 300 are to be made this year. The price should be the same or in very close vicinity of the current OffShores.

Here is more info on the soon to be retired 2326/2840 calibre. Tapestry of Time...

Audemars Piguet...