You must be kidding me.

No wonder there are people that go berserk, take a shotgun and shoot indiscriminately into the general population... I am at a loss for words.

P.s. Does the model seem a "little" bloated or is it just me? ...babe, told you not to have had that bowl-o-beans before the shoot.


Anonymous said...

I own a pre buy-out Zenith (it's about 6 or 7 years old) and it's a beautiful watch. But they are really messing this brand up big time. All the designs are so gaudy and annoying.

KronosClub said...

There is little to say except that they have turned from one of the most respected movement makers to something tacky and gaudy.

Zeniths from 6 years ago are extraordinary watches.

Zenith's "devolution" is a mater to be discused further, in a separate post.

Anonymous said...

Sad....very sad. Why even bother with the movement, put a cheap China made battery operated movement and sell away.....because the truth is they don't really care about the movement, if they did they would but in in a case that reflects that.

LVMH has killed Zenith in terms of respected watch making company.

Sad....very sad!

And BTW the model looks very bloated

Anonymous said...

Zenith movements are still respectable, I own a Class Elite and it is extremely accurate and well finished. Among the "classic" collections (Chronomaster, Class, Class elite) you may find beautiful watches. In my opinion each current Zenith collection (Defy, Baby Star etc.) has its own personality (aggressive, exaggerated, funny, classic, etc)and i think this may allow everybody to find out a watch which fit his/her own tastes.