Another one bites the dust...

Because of some mysterious misunderstanding (... upsss!) many have had the chance to get a sneak peak at one of the novelties to be introduced at this years Geneva show. Apparently the pictures of the new "GeoVox" where under embargo until the 2nd of April (sources tell me that the date is on the 19th of March now). They have now hastily been removed. They only did not count on Velociphile... jejeje (maliciously rubbing my hands). He was quick to the draw and has fortunately stored and Bloged the picture to make sure that everybody see the "horror" that will soon see the light at Jaeger. Well done V!!!

I have nothing against Valentino Rossi, actually I believe like many that he is most likely the best motorcycle pilot of all times. Now, what I certainly don't share are his looks and fashion sense. Just because I admire the guy's achievements and skill that does not mean that I have to go and fix myself a look like his... or do I? There is little doubt that he has a striking charisma, yes, but every time I see him on TV I get the sense that the "kid" needs a bath and a good shave. At barely 100 pounds I could understand that he is a sex symbol for slightly mentally unbalanced Manga-loving teens but he is definitely no Clooney or Brosnan... or is he? (If I have any female readers... here is where you can correct me if I am wrong). To me it would be like choosing Kate Moss over Gisele Bündchen.

(I know it's unfair, but I couldn't help myself...)

Now, why would I do that?!? They are both international supermodels with very successful careers, but unless I was completely deranged and had a low self esteem problem my pick would be Gisele. Which one would you choose? I don't see too many guys raising their hands for Kate... So why fashion a watch to his look and not just keep his deeds in mind? I guess that Jaeger is trying to fish for customers outside their usual crowd. Logical you might think... but didn't they try that with the AMVOX R-Alarm? As far as I know it was no success, actually far from it. If they keep insisting they are going to go the Zenith route in no time and add "red fluffy hair" to their watches any time soon.

Looking at it again I must admit that this LE is a very nasty surprise. I love Jaeger's Memovox movements and would have eventually fallen for this one in due time (if it where a regular production model). Now, even if there is a non Rossi edition I just have no incentive to get this watch anymore. I guess that just spared me a trip to the money tree, as well as another headache from my future wife.

Jaeger leCoultre...

UPDATE: The pictures are back up again.


Velociphile said...

+1 D. ;-)

Kate no boner..... Giselle, mmmmmmm.

Kula bácsi said...

Rossi always reminded me to a chimp.