GP "Financial Times Chrono"

We are getting close to the big shows (Geneva/Basel) and the stuff just keeps poring in. Many business school text books say; "If it works, don't fix it". Recently AP has changed that slightly to; "If it works, milk it!" with their very successful Alinghi lineup. Now Girard-Perregaux has taken another step an rephrased the whole thing to; "If it's the only think you sell, think up many different ones to keep selling them". The world chrono has been the only well selling watch in their bag for quite some time. I consider GP a great manufacturer but for some reason they just seem to go nowhere. Great finishes and serious watchmaking have been handicapped by very high discounts and very low second hand market values.

All that said the world timer is a great watch and this "Financial Times" version adds a bit of spice to the original. Who know if they keep making many different versions they might turn into a collectors item.



Steven Thompson said...

I actually like the look of this model ... and as you say, potential for becoming a collectors item.

Anonymous said...

Do they really give such high discounts ?
What do collectors think of the GP brand ? I thought its among the top ten or fifteen best watch brands.