And the winner is...

This year Patek takes the lead. The Titanium Nautilus has fetched a staggering 525,000 Euros. Not bad for what probably cost Patek lest than 5 grand to make. Is it worth that? I a purely horological standpoint, No. Is it a good investment? No doubt, Yes. You can be sure than when ever this thing resurfaces it will fetch over a million. If collectors are paying millions for old world timers and steel chronos from the 40's, you can be certain that this "Piece Unique" will do as much in several years to come.

Second (third...) was the RM011 "by S+arck" that went for 320,000 Euros. Sorry guys, can't be number one every year (although I have my doubts as to who pushed for the Patek...). There is no doubt that the RM011 is technically much more interesting than the Nautty 5712Ti. Fortunately it is better looking than last year's S+arck and far more interesting.

Now, the guys that pooped big time... Pierre Kunz. The "Chrono Sport Monaco" fetched an ASTOUNDING 12 grand. Under list. Hahaha... what a pisser!


P.s. Sorry, second was the deWitt "Incognito 2008" for 400,000€. Since there is no picture of the watch it is "incognito" indeed. In any case it is a bit astounding that somebody would buy a watch they have not seen, let alone a deWitt. I really would be interested is knowing who buys and their relationship with the brands. Bidding "incognito" has its advantages. If the ties are too close for comfort with the brand (like being the general manager or owner) there should be a law against this. Inflating prices at auctions is a relatively easy and almost cheap means of promotion. Some are doing a great job at this. Off course, I am not pointing fingers... I just wonder after Pierre Kunz's poop the next watch they auction (maybe next year) will do substantially better due to a "mysterious" bider.

RM016 "Ultra Plat"

If there are any analogies in the watch world you could say that no other watch manufacturer resembles Ferrari like Richard Mille. A myth since its beginning, exclusive, very different, aggressive performance, spottable a mile away, masculine, unique, modern, sexy... I suppose that those that revere Ferrari could go on for ever. Richard has in a way achieved the same in its relatively short life which is quite impressive. What isn't surprising are the close ties with RM and many of the people in Ferrari especially in the F1 section. It suffices to say that many of the improvement and inspirations to RM watches come from the great Scuderia.

If I had to pair both, Ferrari models with RM models, then I would have to pair the RM016 with the Ferrari Mondial. Why? Because the Mondial is by far the ugliest Ferrari ever made (if it isn't the ONLY ugly Ferrari ever made). So is this Richard. The RM016 is a far leap from the other RMs, it's just FUGLY. Incidentally this reminds me of another try by AP to "reinvent" the RoyalOak by making a "rectangular-quartz-freak-show". Yes, even they make mistakes.

I am curious as to the sales of this model but I would not be surprised that it is not going to be in production for a long time. At least I hope.

Richard Mille...

Who's next?

After the recent and official purchase of Richemont Group of Roger DuBuis there are bets to who will be next it line. My personal bet is that Swatch Group will make the next move. I have the feeling that Watchland (Frank Muller, Pierre Kunz, European Watch, CVSTOS) is the next one to join one of the major boys.

Now what is out there that is still interesting? Maybe any of these:

- Audemars Piguet (there is a rumor of a preferential buying option with Richemont.)
- Patek Philippe (They are all waiting for this one. Like vultures they hope for Stern to leave soon and negotiate with the "heir" to buy them out.)
- Rolex (... they can't be bought. Plus, "cash-cows" are very expensive!)
- Watchland (My bet it tat they are next in line.)
- BVLGARY (a bit too big for any of them to handle. Plus they are out shopping when ever they can as well.)
- Richard Mille (AP already got 10% and is first in line to get the rest if it ever becomes available.)
- URWERK (not interested in selling at the moment.)
- Ulysse Nardin (I wonder how come they are still on the loose?)
- F.P. Journe (not being mentioned in any possible purchases by anybody.)
- Hublot (Increasingly attractive since the Big-Bang.)
- Parmiginany (Not an attractive product but their installations and resources can be cannibalized and be put to good use doing something else.)

It is quite interesting how these purchases often don't come alone. Any bets anybody?

Where there's smoke...

Yep, so it was true in the end.

Only this piece, for now. The rest might be coming soon. The news of the sale of Roger DuBuis Movements to Richemont first hit the streets end of September only to be denied a week later. Turns out I was NOT so full of it...


P.s. Keeping Carlos Dias dependant upon momements is an accident waiting to happen. Being the independent soul that he is it is difficult to picture him blending in a corporate atmosphere. Playing nice dog and rollover to the flute of a boss over you in a multinational is no easy task. Especially if you have always been your own man. I guess we will know soon enough.

How hard can it be?

With the introduction of new technologies in the watch world many are boasting and throwing adjectives that could lead to misinterpreting the actual functionality. First, there is NOTHING scratch proof in the world. Yep, not even diamonds! Anybody with children could attest to the fact that nothing is indestructible. Leave anything with them for a while, you'll see. Second, even if the case is built like a tank and it is or has been hardened to levels unknown to the industry until now, that does not mean that you can treat the watch in a much rougher manner. The movement inside the watch is still subject to the same basic laws of Physics, even if the case has been revised to fit our modern times.

What the new technologies such as AluSiC, TiAIN, Alacrite 602, Tegiment and Ceramic bring is a more "resilient" attitude towards regular wear. What it will protect you from is the constant wear of the shirt rubbing against you watch, the unfortunate "ding" against a door, the occasional rubbing against other watches... Believe me, a regular nail file will cause a maximum amount of damage with minimum force on any of these metals or metal treatments.

So, whose fault is it? Them, that explain only what they like to explain or us that like to hear only what we want to hear? Maybe the industry is partly responsible for not only involuntarily misleading customers but in failing to educate them. It is very easy for the uninitiated to assume that just because the outside is tough so is the inside. Big mistake! Casio G-Shocks are pretty tough yet even they have a limit. Things should be explained differently. Maybe giving information on the properties of the case and outlining that the insides are subject to the same "laws of destruction" as any other mechanical watch. It is quiet common that people perceive a product as a whole. If it's tough outside, than it is tough inside... The fact is that cases have evolved these last 50 years more than the movements in the past 500 years. Little has been done recently to address the issue, except Richard Mille witch has addressed the issue of shock resistance on high-end watches including silent blocks to their movements. Granted, they are all getting better but no way near the metallurgical advances.


The tuned-up version of the AMVOX 2. Same case and movement but with more openings on the front face to see more sections of the movement.

This one will, I hope, be available sooner than the AMVOX2 "Black". There will be 999 pieces making it less collectible yet its face is a bit more interesting than the AMVOX2. What is surprising is that the price tag has not increased in comparison to the "black" one. Good move guys! Many where expecting that Jaeger would take advantage of the AMVOX2 popularity to cash-in on this one.

Jaeger leCoultre...

P.s. There is an overlooked detail, at least one that I have just noticed. The DBS has a seconds hand/disk at 6 o'clock! What strikes me as odd is why it is not present on the regular AMVOX2. Strange...