RM016 "Ultra Plat"

If there are any analogies in the watch world you could say that no other watch manufacturer resembles Ferrari like Richard Mille. A myth since its beginning, exclusive, very different, aggressive performance, spottable a mile away, masculine, unique, modern, sexy... I suppose that those that revere Ferrari could go on for ever. Richard has in a way achieved the same in its relatively short life which is quite impressive. What isn't surprising are the close ties with RM and many of the people in Ferrari especially in the F1 section. It suffices to say that many of the improvement and inspirations to RM watches come from the great Scuderia.

If I had to pair both, Ferrari models with RM models, then I would have to pair the RM016 with the Ferrari Mondial. Why? Because the Mondial is by far the ugliest Ferrari ever made (if it isn't the ONLY ugly Ferrari ever made). So is this Richard. The RM016 is a far leap from the other RMs, it's just FUGLY. Incidentally this reminds me of another try by AP to "reinvent" the RoyalOak by making a "rectangular-quartz-freak-show". Yes, even they make mistakes.

I am curious as to the sales of this model but I would not be surprised that it is not going to be in production for a long time. At least I hope.

Richard Mille...

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