And the winner is...

This year Patek takes the lead. The Titanium Nautilus has fetched a staggering 525,000 Euros. Not bad for what probably cost Patek lest than 5 grand to make. Is it worth that? I a purely horological standpoint, No. Is it a good investment? No doubt, Yes. You can be sure than when ever this thing resurfaces it will fetch over a million. If collectors are paying millions for old world timers and steel chronos from the 40's, you can be certain that this "Piece Unique" will do as much in several years to come.

Second (third...) was the RM011 "by S+arck" that went for 320,000 Euros. Sorry guys, can't be number one every year (although I have my doubts as to who pushed for the Patek...). There is no doubt that the RM011 is technically much more interesting than the Nautty 5712Ti. Fortunately it is better looking than last year's S+arck and far more interesting.

Now, the guys that pooped big time... Pierre Kunz. The "Chrono Sport Monaco" fetched an ASTOUNDING 12 grand. Under list. Hahaha... what a pisser!


P.s. Sorry, second was the deWitt "Incognito 2008" for 400,000€. Since there is no picture of the watch it is "incognito" indeed. In any case it is a bit astounding that somebody would buy a watch they have not seen, let alone a deWitt. I really would be interested is knowing who buys and their relationship with the brands. Bidding "incognito" has its advantages. If the ties are too close for comfort with the brand (like being the general manager or owner) there should be a law against this. Inflating prices at auctions is a relatively easy and almost cheap means of promotion. Some are doing a great job at this. Off course, I am not pointing fingers... I just wonder after Pierre Kunz's poop the next watch they auction (maybe next year) will do substantially better due to a "mysterious" bider.

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