MB & F "Horological Machine No.2"

I must admit that as time goes by my taste in watches grows stranger and stranger. Loving classics like a simple Patek "Calatrava" or a Lange "Richard Lange" to exotic birds like an URWERK "Hammerhead" or Maximilian Büsser's creations. Although, like the "Idalgo" I know that I am not ready to wear these pieces... just yet. I must admit that I enjoy looking at all the design details of the "No 2". I guess that the reason for this is that designs like Büsser's are ahead of its time. This is what makes the object interesting more than awkward. These are the same feelings I have when I see Halter's or Hysek's creations. Can't stop looking at them yet I am not ready for them just yet.

What is refreshing is the new "wave" of alternative watch designers and makers that are making them selves known. Richard Mille, URWERK, Hautlence, Vianney Halter and now MB & F are a small revolution in watch designs. Combining absolute traditional watchmaking excellence with a modern aggressive design. Some of you will like one or more from this list, few will like none. Times are changing and sine in essence the watch technology is a still based on principles that were discovered hundreds of years ago and are still very much true today. Whit these new boys the rules of engagement are beginning to change. Quite a difficult task in an industry that is well known for its lethargic evolution and unwillingness to change. Because of these new designers and their commercial success many more traditional manufactures are reassessing their positions. Hence, traditional houses like Jaeger or AP that are only now daring to experiment with bolder designs. Thanks for that guys!

Actually the more y look at it I realize I would love to se this watch in a single face variant. I have a soft-spot for jumping hours and retrogrades, plus I do like the look of the Nº 2's design elements. Maybe a more serialized production and a cheaper list of something like that could do the trick? There is no doubt that these 125 units are all gone yet I would welcome a more "popular" mainstream Busser. Something like what the RM005 was for Richard Mille.

All this said, MB & F seems to know where it's going and more, it looks like it is getting there. There is already a HM3 in the oven for 2008.

MB & F...

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