Rolex "Milgauss"

Have just been confronted with the "Milgauss", and I like it. I was not very keen on the seconds hand designed by "the Flash" and the greenish sapphire glass. Surprisingly the result is quite interesting. The whole design just works. It is not understated but it does not scream like a Daytona.

Like the entire "new" Rolex lineup, the Milgauss has a more than just good enough finishing compared with Rolexes from only five years ago. The bracelets and clasps feel much more robust and are more in tune with a watch considered to be a luxury leader. This was certainly not the case several years ago.

Looking around I must say that the price is competitive enough to make this a backordered product like a Yacht-Master or Submariner. Although I don't think it will be a coveted item like a Daytona, that is for now at least.



Speedmaster said...

I really like that watch, particularly w/ the greenish tinted crystal. I've read in a couple of places that this variation is in short supply as there have been production problems w/ the green crystal.

Rob said...

Nice watch. How much do you want for it? ;-)

Rob in LA

KronosClub said...

Unfortunately I do not have one. Plus sourcing one right now is too much of a hassle in the present time. I guess I will have to wait for things to cool down, if I get one at all that is...

But I admit that it would be a nice replacement for the Yachtmaster, that I miss dearly. Everybody should have a Rolex in their collection (other than or apart from a Daytona...).

Joshua said...

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KronosClub said...

Hi Joshua,

Unfortunately my intention regarding this blog is to keep it as "least" commercial as possible, for now at least... Your offer is very well received and by no means discarded yet. I might be more flexible with "accessories" in the near future. Watches are completely out of the question since I would loose the freedom to RANT whenever I want.

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P.s. As a Montblanc collector, are you exited about the future "Minerva" movements? You understand that Montblanc will suffer quite an upgrade in class and price similar to Panerai. What are your thoughts regarding that?

JP - Men's Watch Reviews said...

The Green Milgauss has really grown on me. At first, I wasn't crazy about the colors used but now I think it's a real winner. I'm also looking forward to checking out the Deepsea when it starts to ship.

Anonymous said...

I walked into my favorite jewelry store today for their time-piece event and was all but accosted the minute I walked in. I'd never heard of the Milgauss before today, but I was immediately smitten and bought the only one they had within minutes. The one I purchased has the clear sapphire crystal and a white face, so the orange accents are vivid and striking. Seems like I might have another great Rolex in my collection.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this revived look. I tried on the white dial today at Hingham Jewelers...they had the green, but I didn't like that quite as much. Might make a good Christmas gift if they still have them then :)

Anonymous said...

I walked into a jewelry store in Seattle and they had Milgauss in stock. One black and one white. After trying it on, I have come to conclusion that while this watch is good, it is not $6,200 good. The watch is solid and well made. However, the fact that everybody in California has a Rolex (or a replica) and that there is nothing special about Milgauss (unless you intend to spend all day taking MRI of your wrists), I decided to pass on. I'd say that it would be a kick butt tool watch for $3,000-4,000.

Anonymous said...

I bought a "white dial" 12 month ago and I was impressed by the design and quality. Maybe I was a bit tired of my Submariner and Daytona. Subsequently, I bought a "black dial" 6 months later. Today, I have the "green" one and I find out a 1970 "white dial" sold in an auction for US$54K... Frankly, I do not know who's right and who's wrong... but i enjoy even looking at it.....

Anonymous said...

I recently returned from a trip to Hong Kong where the Rolex dealer recommended by my best friend had in stock the green crystal GV watch. I first saw this watch in Rolex's printed catalogue book in 2007. This watch was in my opinion as stunning in person as it was pictured in the catalogue. The green halo cast by the crystal reminds one of the vintage wall clocks of the 1940's-50's.

I had the salesman size the watch and with a quick swipe of the credit card, I was out the door owner of this still fairly hard to obtain watch for just under the MSRP.

Like another poster has already said, it doesn't cry out "ROLEX" and only those who know watches,know what they are looking at.

This actually happened on my way back from Shanghai to Hong Kong.

I approached the customs agent at the airport, hand him my passport and documents, he looks it over expressionless as usual. I noticed that he was wearing the green crystal Milgauss. I couldn't resist saying while walking away from his station, "Nice watch". Without looking up, he replied "Nice camera"as he also noticed my Leica M8 slung over my shoulder.

This watch joins my quirky collection of Rolexes which includes a 80's vintage turned ivory faced ExplorerII and a Jubilee bracelet rose gold black faced two tone Turn-o-graph.

Selling Rolex said...

Maybe they're used to it... Coz we all know that in Asia, no offense almost all of the watches they'll try to imitate those.

R gadala said...

HELP!!! I just bought my green saph Milgauss less than two months ago from Mayors and i recently noticed that the glass has chipped in the edge... I want to cry... Can anyone tell me if this glass is suppossed to be ressistant to shock. I have hade many much less expensive watches and this ha never happened... Help pls. What can i do?