Big Bang "Ayrton Senna"

I am not a Hublot fan, plus I find Limited Editions "banking" on famous dead people not so becoming... but it is signed by Senna. I have a soft-spot for Senna.

This BB also looks the part if you ask me and there is no doubt that it might be one of the few Hublots to fetch a better price than list. The key is the price of course. Since there will be 500 of these I would expect them to be in the very low 20's, or even below that. Bare in mind that a gold Big-Bang is in the 18 hundreds... If this should be the case than they will be in high demand. Should they tag this in the 30's or above than you might see them around for a while.

From the picture it looks like a two pusher Rattrapante. Interesting... although I think I have seen this before. I am pretty certain Hublot will claim a 100% in-house movement built and engineered from scratch in this beauty. Who knows, it might be so, why not? What is certain is that very few things are engineered from scratch these days. Even the big boys cheat once in a while. In any case I would love to read Velociphile's take on this. If anybody can debunk them that would be him. he has done so in the past and in numerous occasions.

If you are a Hublot fan and don't frown at the price (for a Hublot), you should consider making a stop at your closest Authorized Dealer. If the price for this baby is indeed close to the 20's than there will be not a single one left for you by the time they are presented at basel this April.


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