OffShore "Shaquille O'Neal"

Sure to make the delight of quite a many "gang'sta rapers" and "drive-by shooters", the Shaquile O'Neal is without a doubt one of the most "misfortuned" Limited Editions of the las decade by AP. This little, sorry, large horror is in close rivalry with Arnold's "All Stars"... another poor soul by AP. With diamonds this horrid sight gets to be one of the tackiest, tasteless and gaudy watches of the year. I would have liked a warning sign before putting my eyes upon thee. Something like; "Beware, extreme ugliness! Ingest your lunch before seeing", or "Please wear sunglasses when viewing at all times!"... would have been welcomed.

Yet another contender to this years most horrible watch award.

Audemars Piguet...

My most sincere apologies...

Dear watch friends,

First I would like to apologize for my long silence (I am sure more than one welcomed it! ;-D). I am sorry but my schedule these last three months has been a bit intense making me turn away from my hobby onto more pressing maters.

I will have you all know that starting this weekend I will be resuming "business as usual" on this blog as well as updating the KronosClub and all the other Watch Clubs (Royal oak Club, Richard Mille Club, URWERK Club, etc...), which is for many much more important than my sometimes senseless blogging.

I am again very sorry about my long silence and hope that all will go back to normal very soon.

Thanks for reading,