My most sincere apologies...

Dear watch friends,

First I would like to apologize for my long silence (I am sure more than one welcomed it! ;-D). I am sorry but my schedule these last three months has been a bit intense making me turn away from my hobby onto more pressing maters.

I will have you all know that starting this weekend I will be resuming "business as usual" on this blog as well as updating the KronosClub and all the other Watch Clubs (Royal oak Club, Richard Mille Club, URWERK Club, etc...), which is for many much more important than my sometimes senseless blogging.

I am again very sorry about my long silence and hope that all will go back to normal very soon.

Thanks for reading,


Anonymous said...

Was getting a little worried…I enjoy your briefs

Hope you are back in full steam soon


BKK, Thailand

Velociphile said...

Congratulations ;-)

And welcome back, and looking forward to more acid observations.



Zack said...

D... wondering if there is an easy way to see just the newest peices that you upload to the website? I know that there are a few times that I've looked through the Royal Oak club and by pure luck managed to stumble acrosse another limited edition that was added... it might be fun to see what's new since you last visited or recently added watches.
Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...


Awesome to see you have re-surfaced!


Anonymous said...

I have missed Thee.

Anonymous said...

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Once again, welcome back!