IWC "Ingenieur Ceramic"

At last! An Ingenieur that turns heads. The future looked good with the new INGENIEUR series, yet the misfortune of making it an AMG Limited Edition was a bit too much "tuning" for my taste. A shame, since in the new series the AMGs where the best looking of the bunch. Putting something like that diminishes a product and makes it worthy of a display at a car dealer. A place you don't want to go buy a watch. Let's hope they stopped that nonsense by now.

It is only recently that I have seen in the flesh. I have been confronted with pictures many times, but I guess this Ingenieur is like some watches that just don't shine in pictures. This one in real life jumps at you and hits you in the eye! I looks great on medium to large sized wrists and is comfortable beyond your highest expectations. A really awesome addition to the collection.

What is especially comfortable is the Ceramic bezel that takes away the worry of scratching it. That in it self is reason enough for purchase. For those that love the Barrichello II because of its scratch proof bezel but can't afford it... this Ingenieur might just be the one for you. Granted, both have nothing to do with each other but it is a interesting non-chrono alternative. The face is incredibly detailed and well finished, right now I have only seen L.U.C. from Chopard with faces that have such depth. In spite of its size the whole shape of the case wraps around your wrist like a glove. It's so comfortable it just disappears. Plus, there is the "stop function" that sets the seconds hand at 12 o'clock for precise tine setting. That is one little option that most watch lovers like to see.

My only "but" is the sapphire back. Purists would probably like more antimagnetic properties than the view of the movement. I guess that it was put there for commercial reasons. In spite of this it is still waterproof to 120 meters which is a very acceptable ratting. The price is around the 7,000 Euros. Not cheap, but honest.

Nice work guys!



jrmartin said...

Verdaderamente magnifico. Gracias por el post.

Speedmaster said...

I just can't seem to get too excited about the reincarnation of the Ingenieur. A friend described the look as 'cartoonish,' and I think I agree. ;-(