Who's next?

After the recent and official purchase of Richemont Group of Roger DuBuis there are bets to who will be next it line. My personal bet is that Swatch Group will make the next move. I have the feeling that Watchland (Frank Muller, Pierre Kunz, European Watch, CVSTOS) is the next one to join one of the major boys.

Now what is out there that is still interesting? Maybe any of these:

- Audemars Piguet (there is a rumor of a preferential buying option with Richemont.)
- Patek Philippe (They are all waiting for this one. Like vultures they hope for Stern to leave soon and negotiate with the "heir" to buy them out.)
- Rolex (... they can't be bought. Plus, "cash-cows" are very expensive!)
- Watchland (My bet it tat they are next in line.)
- BVLGARY (a bit too big for any of them to handle. Plus they are out shopping when ever they can as well.)
- Richard Mille (AP already got 10% and is first in line to get the rest if it ever becomes available.)
- URWERK (not interested in selling at the moment.)
- Ulysse Nardin (I wonder how come they are still on the loose?)
- F.P. Journe (not being mentioned in any possible purchases by anybody.)
- Hublot (Increasingly attractive since the Big-Bang.)
- Parmiginany (Not an attractive product but their installations and resources can be cannibalized and be put to good use doing something else.)

It is quite interesting how these purchases often don't come alone. Any bets anybody?

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