URWERK 201 "Blackshark"

Just like the 103 the 201 will have a Platinum PVD'ed version. This "thing" sends shivers down my spine. At this point I don't know if I am just biased or what ever the guys at URWERK come out with I just think is awesome. I wish there is a more "affordable" URWERK in the future. I told Felix many times that a 102 in PVD'ed steel and a price tag under 10K would be a real killer. Unfortunately, Felix's idea is not to mass produce his watches (and I don't blame him). He believes that any manufacture that crosses the 500 pieces per year mark makes looses integrity. At these quantities it makes it impossible to properly control the quality of all the produced watches. To be honest, I think he is right. Many other manufacturers have crossed that line and things do change for the worse. This year URWERK will reach about 250 pieces (of the 103's and 201's altogether) and the 500 mark will not be reached for several years.

The first Blackbird created quiet a stir and despite its very high price tag it was in much higher demand than any other URWERK to date. Things will be no different with this one. There will be only 10 pieces and people are already lining up. This means that by the time it reaches the stores it will already be gone.

There is a great 201 presentation video in Horomundi that illustrates the function of the telescopic hand. Be patient, the demonstration is around the middle of the video, don't miss this!


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Speedmaster said...

love it. It's nice to see some true innovation.