Royal Oak " George H.W. Bush"

For the 75th Anniversary of the "SAVE THE CHILDREN" foundation there will be an auction held on September 6th. Amongst the items to bid there will be this Royal Oak Chrono engraved with President George H.W. Bush’s signature.

I must admit that I am more than tempted but unfortunately I suspect that the bids for this piece could spin out off hand. These one-of-a-kind watches are very sought after pieces by collectors. Plus there is an added difficulty in getting them since the people that buy them generally do so for charity and not speculation. So it's pretty much an "end-of-the-line" for many of these pieces, since whe will most likely never see them again... ever!

If anybody is interested in biding here is the link for more details: auction...

Good luck!

P.s. To those that use the pictures from this Blog: If you are going to take them, please do so. However, please refrain from calling it a "Scoop" or putting your own website's water mark across the picture. Not mentioning the source is OK with me but using it as if it where you own that is another. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

hallo from athens greece!
i own a zenith el primero chronomaster T since last easter (it was a bargain;4,000 euros...)
Now i am planning on buying a wrist watch up to 900-1000 euros. Could you please suggest me a couple of watches?
thank you in advance.
Panagiotis Flokos
athens greece

KronosClub said...

Hi Panagiotos,

For a thousand bucks I would go SINN U1...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Never in a million years.

KronosClub said...

Do you mean the U1 or the George W. Bush?

Anonymous said...

bush of course:)

Anonymous said...

What brand of watch does Bush wear?

Anonymous said...


So it may be you choose to live
Believing "all men lie,"
Better your own self to forgive:
Believe it then--not I.

So you may say, "it´s politics,
And all of them, like George,
Engage in vile and dirty tricks,
Nor none can hope to purge

Such nasty Willie Horton ads
And such from the arena"--
But following the common fads
I´ll not say makes you cleaner.

George Herbert Walker Bush was praised
Because he was a slugger,
Yet mud he slung yet still gets raised,
Uniquely loathsome bugger.

He lives today with that old hag,
An ugly soul´s companion,
And in retirement he may brag
His life as one Grand Canyon.

Elderly now, so you may feel
That he has earned respect
From likes of you--I say let peal
Laughter not genuflect.

Life squandered ignominiously
Although it outward seems
To pass stress, strain and trouble free,
But only in your dreams

Might augur for the health of soul:
So fiercely I dispute it
The world must shake from pole to pole
And heaven would refute it.

When old George is at last laid down
Midst ceremonious pomp,
Then I will neither mourn nor clown,
On grave nor dance nor stomp.

When dead he will be given then
That measure of respect:
Silence--as is befitting men
When death doth souls collect.

Anonymous said...