Been there, done that...

Here we go. The "" same ol' Tourbillon theme all over again. Pardon my French, but I just am sick of having manufacturers come up with Tourbillons when fresh ideas are at an all time low.

It would be sooo much smarter to promote the excellence of the stuff you already have instead of feeling that you "have" to present something just because it's April. I guess that the media is partly responsible for this. They come in April, invited, and expect to see and report on new stuff from everybody. In many cases forcing to reveal/present watches that start to get delivered to the dealers over a year later. It could be a good time to sit and reevaluate the purpose of the Basel/Geneva fairs. Expect more bullshit on the way.

P.s. Apart from boring (nothing new in my book) it also looks like crap. What in the name of god makes them think anybody would spent 200 k on this instead of an AP or Patek (idiots aside )? Sorry Lange, but if this is what you had to come up with this year... than I rather you come up empty.

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Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you. Last year a pointless hockey puck that you need a key to wind...guaranteed to give you RSI.. and this year an unoriginal tourbillon (and totally fugly case). Time to take a breath Lange, and rethink.