The ABSURD at its best

...?!? So let me get this straight, there is a shortage of 5070s and considerable problems to replace it with a non-Lemania manual chrono, and Patek blesses us with a Lady's manual chrono?!? I wonder if they made any research regarding the market's need for something like this. If they indeed made some research, whoever came up with this brilliant moment of infinite clarity deserves to be skinned alive. Here is when you hear from you average run-o-the-mill moron say; " Patek is Patek..." Incidentally, the truly dumbest comment you can make about any brand to date. If you ever hear this moronic statement, turn around and walk away... you are in a conversation with a retard. Anybody that says "Patek is Patek", "Rolex is Rolex" or "AP is AP" simply is an idiot, no doubt. What does this mean anyway? That "whatever is whatever" is always great or always bad? What a stupid thing to say... Anyway, let's leave morons aside and continue discussing this latest strike of "genius" by Patek.

The movement is really something that most of us, manual-chrono addicts, were longing for from Patek. 2010 was (and still might be) the year of the 5070 replacement, yet instead of presenting its successor we get hit with a whole truck full-o-nonsense. Nonsense, why? Simple. What woman would buy a 50k watch (about 75k in US currency) that is completely deprived of sex appeal or glamour what-so-ever, and on top it's a manual? Manual!?! Pssst, psssst... guys at Patek, women that like watches and like to buy things like this have tastes closer to men and generally dislike diamonds on a watch. Women that like diamonds on a watch want a watch that is featured in Glamour magazine and definitely must NOT need to be winded every day. Plus, let's face it, this piece is UGLY. It looks like a Daniel Jean-Richard, a Millenary and Aerowatch had a child in a nightmare-love-trangle. Yuck! What a waste of a perfectly beautiful movement.

I sincerely hope that Patek have something good for those of us that are waiting for the 5070's replacement next year. If they don't, many are going to fall on them like a ton of bricks since most already believe they are a year late. Patek's stand at the Basel fair 2009 was already a disappointment.

Well, now what? Should this movement be replacing the 5070's Lemania... don't you think after "this" it is slightly demeaning?

Patek Philippe...

P.s. Incidentally, I am going over the articles and I am just barely done pissing my pants. Apparently the design team was made up entirely of women "... so as to leave nothing to chance". What a pisser!!! They surely "left no chance" instead of "leaving nothing to chance". To make sure I wasn't biased I showed this to my wife, with my best pokerface (I swear!). Needless to say, she just looked at it in disbelief. At the risk of sounding misogynistic, I can honestly hope this "team" does not bless us with more of their creations. This Lady Chrono will be available only at the new Art-deco Salon in Paris (would love to see it. Did I mention that the one in Geneva looks like a brothel?). Expect this 7071R to be at the nº10 de la Place Vendôme a long, long... very long time.


Velociphile said...

Hi D! Just tested Madam, in fact with a slightly upbeat expression..... Response: Eughh! But, maybe the black guilloche dial but with no diamonds. What am I going to use the chrono for anyway? I thought you were getting me the one with the cute case and the cloth strap.....



KronosClub said...

Hi V!

What happened to your Blog? You have been too quiet for too long!

Regarding the comments of your wife. Without the diamonds, 42 mm wide and proper round chrono and seconds circles... hell, I would want one!

Speedmaster said...

I was literally laughing out loud while reading that. ;-)

Jos. said...

Are you sure about this? For I've read that this isn't the old Lemania but its successor, developed by PP themselves. That would make more sense. (Apart from the hideous design, I agree with you there.) Introduce a lookalike movement, create a design break with the past. Or something like that. Or maybe I'm wrong. Look forward to your detective work :)