My BEST of the 2006 Shows...

PATEK: They finally got the message. They presented a 39 mm version of their World Time, the 5130. Not only have they increased it in size so larger wrists don't look awkward but they have added the original hour hand. There is no doubt in my mind, this one will be a hit.

CHRONOSWISS: One of the nicest stands in he show. Friendly to look at and relaxing to observe... Very much in sync with their brand image.

CORUM: They had the best lighting and presentation. Considering the other poor performances I had to mention this.

SIHH: An absolutely flawless organization. Very impressive

MAURICE LACROIX: I must admit that I was surprised by LaCroix's two Limited Editions. The new in-house Chrono, although a bit pricey, is a joy to look at. The GMT is also and interesting design that has not bee seen in that brand before, and it's nod bad... not bad at all.

U-BOAT: Interesting design and finish. Unfortunately the size makes it completely unwearable. It's actually worth looking into, if you weigh 150 kg. (about 300 pounds) or simply like HUGE watches.

URWERK: They keep getting better. When you think they just can't, they show up with two models that are simply breathtaking.

SWISS PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: It is a real blessing to be able to completely do without renting a vehicle. No mater in what city you are and if you have to go to Geneva or Basel... a train, a bus, a tramway, or a plane will leave you practically at the entrance of the fair. Always spot-on, on time and very clean.

CERAMIC: Several manufacturers are retaking "Ceramic" as an option. Panerai, AP, IWC and Hublot are proposing either full or part ceramic cases. About time!

CREDOR: An interesting development is the increase of Japanese watch makers going into the high-end finishing segment. Credor is still Seiko's baby but showing some promise, I am very curious as to how things will develop in the future. Time will tell...

HUBLOT STAND: First price for the coolest display! It consist in a column that will sense if somebody gets too close to the watch, zap!!! The showcased item is instantly retracted inside the safety of the column. The advantage of this is that you are able to have an unobstructed view and see the watch without having a glass between you and the product. What is being displayed is another story...

JAEGER LECOULTRE: It has been several years now that Jaeger are the most innovative brand. They keep introducing new models and not just Limited Editions with different color dials. The difference between Jaeger and the others is that they do develop new movements at more humane prices, not just 200 pieces at insane costs with loads of hot air. They 75 anniversary Squadra is really something.

GERALD GENTA: Their BiRetros keep getting better and finally they decided to make the better looking QuattroRetro.

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