SQUADRA "World Chrono"

The Reverso 2.0 version for it's 75th Birthday. It was certainly time to do something about it. Without upsetting the other lineup this new evolution to a timeless classic is a great addition in Jaeger's portfolio. This larger case will be appealing to larger wrists that have been yearning for a Reverso. The Squadra might turn out to be to the Reverso what the OffShore is to the Royal Oak. The rear is simply superb!

Jaeger LeCoultre...

UPDATE: I just noticed (read) that this thing is equipped with an automatic movement! I just had to call Jaeger because I believed it was a typo... it's not. Jaeger is really turning out to be a real "Power-House" when it comes to developing new ideas.

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Anonymous said...

I personally think that JLC has completely lost the plot!!

What used to be a sophisticated and classical manufacture has now turned into a pure marketing cash cow. Suddenly JLC has embraced the sport watch and gone nuts.

The extreme world chrono, the master compressor. So wrong......The Squadra???, it just seems to me that everybody wants to be the next Royal Oak wannabe.

It seems to me that the designs of the aforementioned watches were steriotypically designed for men. Like women just think men like big, shiny objects with lots of buttons!!! Yup, they put all those features on th Extreme world Chrono. Magali, not all guys think big is better you know :)