The Two Sides of the Coin

Now there is a real reason to takeoff your watch. More and more manufacturers are adding information on the rear of the movement (not mentioning the Reverso which is in a class of its own or those ultra expensive Pateks and Vacherons). A great way to unclog the front and make the back way more interesting. URWERK and the Targa 103.03 take the lead yet the Panerai with their "8 days" and the MIH have followed. Pierre Kunz also has an interesting rear power reserve indicator complication that can be added by request to some of their models. These are only a few examples of what is starting to emerge in the watch world. I would not be surprised if there was more to come in Basel/Geneva this year.

The URWERK has seconds, 15 minutes and the 43h power reserve indicator. The whole thing looks like the dashboard of a plane. Not a pioneer to have stuff on the back, but one of the first to investigate the full potential of using both sides of a watch.

The Jaeger LeCoultre movement inside the Panerai is a joy to look at. The front is clean, very clean. The whole watch becomes a wonderful item once you turn and visit its 8-day power reserve.

The Pierre Kunz option is different. It looks awesome, almost unreal to have that huge power reserve in the middle of the back. Contrary to the others, this does not come standard with a specific model. This is an upgrade, an expensive upgrade. The upgrade of this complication on your Pierre Kunz will cost you an extra of 9,000 euros. Not all of their watches are upgradeable.

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