PATEK "5130"

YES!!! The "World Timer" re-edited in a 39 mm case, and with the classic hour hand. Not too large, not too small... just perfect. Our prayers (of the large wristed people) have been heard!

Patek Philippe...

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Sean said...

Hurrah!!! Patek has finally designed something that I can
1) drool over &
2) place a firm deposit on.
3) 5970 not counting of course :)

Anyway a 100% improvement over the 5110. Those so called "lozenge" hands looked as if they were made out coke bottle cans. Cheap Cheap Cheap!!!!!

5110=36.5mm. Guys a world timer means lots of cities so a bigger dial REALLY would have made sense in the begining.
5130=39.5mm MUCH BETTER.......hmm 42mm would have been ideal, but then I'm blind as a bat :)