NUBEO "Black JellyFish"

This new comer seems to have its ideas straight. Not just a flashy gimmicky design or another cool summer watch, the Nubeo "Medusse" project seems to be taking shape. The case construction and attention to manufacturing details are unusual at these price points. No mater the size and weight of the Medusse, the curved back of the watch makes it comfortable for anybody. The ladies models are particularly interesting and become a more sensible option to the AP Lady Chronos that cost a fortune. Plus, if you give one to your girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/friend you just won't get heart arrhythmia when he/she takes it to the beach or engages in other activities that are not appropriate for outrageously expensive time pieces.

A great balance between fun, summer, price and durability. Its extravagant design might not be of everybody's taste but you are getting your moneys worth in terms of quality. One thing is certain though, lately manufacturers are more busy copying than creating (CVSTOS for instance), the Jellyfish is not a copy of something else... thanks for that guys.


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Anonymous said...

what is the price range for the montre?