PIERRE KUNZ "Chrono Sport"

Just could not believe my eyes... a really cool Chrono Sport by Kunz. Although it's on the large side, a bit to big for most, it is a very cool watch to play with. The double chrono retrograde and the shifting hour markers give it a very futuristic feeling. Compared to other "fancy" chronos out there this one is very aggressively priced. Kunz's steel watches are becoming increasingly interesting... and there is something about that carbon fibber mesh that hypnotizes most of us guys. In my case, on motorbikes it just dives me to insanity.

God knows I am not a fan of "WatchLand" (Frank Muller, CVSTOS, European and Pierre Kunz) but this does not mean that they should not be praised when it need to be. I must admit that although it's difficult I can't help but like this PK. The AM/PM or day/night indicator mechanism is simply brilliant. The point of this is to have the hours from 6 PM until 6 AM with luminova on them. Instead of having the typical day/night indicator with your classic modified moon-phase disk that shows a moon and sun, you can simply look at the hours. Is this really useful? No, but the way the hour markers jump into place is simply sublime. The entire look and feel of the watch is very well put together. The view of the retrograde chrono minutes and hour hands is just better that great. The only downside is it's large size. even if it is a 44 mm, it is a very large 44 mm if you ask me. This I am afraid will not be seen in something smaller due to the thickness of the movement. If they would make this smaller the watch would inevitably look "chubby" since the thickness would have to remain the same.

The other surprising aspect is it's price, at least in my opinion. Such a new and relatively complicated watch at 14,000€/17,000$ list is very reasonable. Some give way less for much more money.

PERSONAL VERDICT: Very cool watch. Too large for me but very cool none the less.

Pierre Kunz...

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