Richard Mille "RM011"

I was not supposed to post these until the embargo was lifted somewhere around the 20th of March. Somebody pooped... again.

The "monster" is a Vaucher base with a Dubois Dépraz module. It is an "annual calendar-flyback-chrono" with an extra 60 minute countdown at nine o'clock. The month indicator is at 4 o'clock. A very impressive piece of kit! The price will range between 50 to 60 thousand euros. Many have been waiting for Richard to fill the huge gap between the RM010 and the RM004 which is around 80 thousand euros!!! This will likely ease the pressure on the RM004v2 order although they are entirely different animals.

It is regrettable that this watch did not see the light one year ago. It would have been a much bigger shock and would have set a higher standard when it comes to mono-compax chronos. Now there are already three mono-compax chronos out there, two of which use the 60 minutes/12 hours disposition.

Richard Mille...

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