Don Ramon

The new "Don Ramon" is finally in the last stages of manufacturing and will be delivered end of April. UPDATE: The first batch will be delivered simultaneously to the first customers the same day as the official presentation. The event will take place May 20th at the AP Boutique in Madrid. Perhaps the most attractive feature of this piece is the Black Luminova on the hands and numbers. So that you get an idea of what this would look like, let me demonstrate...



As you can see the effect is quite dramatic to say the least. I, for one, am not really a fan of oversized gold watches but this offshore looks more than just acceptable. Rose gold is better than yellow plus the black screws and dark tones of the face and strap become this piece quite well. Personally, I would like to change the strap for either that of a Barrichello II or even the one of the Survivor. Although the Hornback strap is of a less conspicuous design than a Volcano or Safari I think that it has been overdone a little. Many think that the Safari should be the only watch to have this strap. I think that they are right.

There are 100 available exclusively at the recently opened "Don Ramon de la Cruz" Boutique in Madrid. Other AP Boutiques around the world might have a limited number of these too. Boutiques trade pieces amongst each other to supply their local VIP customers with foreign "exotic" pieces so that there is no need to travel abroad.

It is custom for the AP Boutique in Madrid to arrange private transportation for all those that come for a watch. A car with a driver will be waiting for the customers to be picked up at the Madrid airport. Should the stay require to be overnight, then the hotel is arranged as well as the next day drop-off at the airport. Nice detail, especially if you don't know the place and have difficulty with the language. This "new" way to attend customers is part of this Boutique's new philosophy. The idea is to take the service to a whole new level. This goes further than only selling but first to give adequate service to customers.

P.s. By the way... it is not confirmed but it might be that all current/future owners of a Don Ramon will have the "preferential" right to have first pick at the next Don Ramon (if there should be one in the oven...). By preferential I mean that it will be presented first to all the Don Ramon owners, even before the press, so that they might have the possibility to choose numbers etc... Once the previous Don Ramon owners have decided if they choose to get the next watch the remains will be available for all the interested clients. This might sound harsh but it is a way not only to create a link between the customers and the Boutique but also a way to limit speculation. This is not confirmed though...

Audemars Piguet...

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