Basel was incredibly uneventful this year, the Tourbillon is no longer the star of the show (thank god for that...) and the big boys are making the effort in making cheaper/more affordable watches. sad, because from the looks of it they seem to have forgotten how to do that. One or two "cheaper" models are not going to help any brand out of a slump. It might help set the normalization but ultimately if the eyes are not set on the near future such moves are basically inconsequential.

Surprisingly there is no need for me to make a list of the worst of the Basel Show this year. Since most brands have dropped the fanfare and bull-crap for logical reasons. As with everything there is always one that shits beside the pot. Patek, who else? They deserve a separate and more in-depth analysis.

Things in the watch world are back to normal; competitors hating and bashing each other's products, ultra expensive pieces are having a lot of trouble selling, collector and watch lovers are back in vogue, no more expensive opulent parties, Rolex presents basically nothing new, Omega presents its annual edition of the Speedmaster, ... the watch world is back to its origins.

There are few things that I can really say that where memorable this year. I can sum them up in a few instances; URWERK retires the 103 with two great pieces, Speake-Marin has had a considerable jump in quality (and price) since I last saw his work, The new Tudor Montecarlo remake (not kidding...) is probably my favorite of the show, L.U.C. still amaze me with four completely new movements amongst them a proper Tourbillon for 53,000 Euros... and there is a new kid in watchtown called Benoit (but more on him later).

All in all, with less shown Basel was probably more pleasant than previous years. I only spent two days this year due to other engagements so unlike other years I had no chance see everything. Even if I surely missed something the general feel was of acceptance that the golden age is over and it is time to go back to normality. At last.


Julie said...

I really like the Tudor remake. Nice to see them bring back a classic from a watchmaker that doesn't get enough respect from the mainstream public.

KronosClub said...

Yes, a very nice piece indeed. On the NATO strap it just looks spectacular.

Velociphile said...

Hi D, Thanks for the report. Excellent observation, hmm, yes, back to normal "Rolex presents basically nothing new, Omega presents its annual edition of the Speedmaster, ... the watch world is back to its origins." HAHAHAHA. Sadly, I fear a second contraction however. Tudor is cute, but is that all we can do now - copy our past? Nicer than the pugly Daytona but the Tudor logo, like driving a Ford, will put many off. Shame. V

KronosClub said...

Hi V,

I am not too sure that the Tudor will not be a success at a list price of 2,750€. From what I have see and heard from many people in the fair is that orders for this piece where surprisingly above production. Also surprising is that three out of three official Tudor dealers I know have actually ordered one for themselves! Let's see if the situation cools down for this Tudor in the months to come. If not this could be a first for the brand. Still unthinkable to me. It is a very nice piece however.

Agree that copying our past is never the answer but taking a peek once in a while and improve on it is not a bad idea from time to time.

ChrisC. said...

Wish they were more readily available in the United States. I see nothing wrong with "copying" the past when done correctly and Tudor nailed on this beauty. The price point is not bad at all and give it a few years and get one pre-loved at a very good price. To ride this wave there will need to be more solid designs, I think they can do it with great start.