The last V8... I meant , AMVOX2!

Apparently the AMVOX2 will ceased to be produced, at least for the time being. Even if officially Jaeger do not discard to do "some" in the future, these will be for specific occasions and by special requests only. Great move if you ask me. It will help raise the appreciation of the AMVOX2 but also put it in a different, more exclusive spotlight. The AMVOX2 has so far always been produced in Limited Editions even if the number is close to a total of around 4,000 watches there are not many of each especially considering that there are about 1,000 Jaeger dealers around the world. Amanico of "thePuristsPro" has actually made a great chronological summary of the AMVOX2 line. Here...

Now, who/what is the last AMVOX2? Well, the code name is "DR5" or the (newly inaugurated) "Madrid Boutique". DR5 are simply the initials of the address (Don Ramon 5). There will be 25 pieces made and for now it looks like these are the final and last 25. Aesthetically it looks like a hybrid between the first PVD AMVOX2 and the DBS version with the seconds on a disk at 6 o'clock. Unlike all previous black AMVOX2 versions the trigger and crown in this version are also black PVD.

Together with this piece comes the exclusivity of the owner to have preferential rights to the next Madrid Boutique limited edition with the matching watch number. This preferential option is for the "owner" and not the "buyer" in order to avoid any type of speculation. Don't miss interpret this by thinking that owners will be penalized or punished for selling these pieces. This simply means that if you are a registered owner of this piece you will receive information and the chance to reserve the next LE before anybody else. This is a way to reward and give preferential treatment to collectors and give them the safety to NOT be always on the lookout.

Needless to say that those registered owners will also receive the Boutique VIP status. What is VIP status? Well, receiving pieces well before everybody, the possibility to reserve number if still available, visits to the manufacture, Jaeger Master Class courses, tickets to events sponsored by Jaeger, etc... I guess buying from a Jaeger leCoultre Boutique has its perks.

The price is 13,500€ and the discount is strictly (and most unfortunately) ZERO. Orders and reservations will be accepted starting April 5th. If you are interested here are the details;

Tel.: +34 91-781-9600 (English spoken)
Address: Don Ramon de la Cruz 5, 28001 MADRID

Jaeger leCoultre...


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