10 DAYS!

Many times I have thought about my dependance on watches and if it is really true that in "theory" we do not need watches on our wrist today. These doubts came about at a friendly dinner when while discussing our favorite subject, horology, one of the gentleman made us aware that most of the times we, watch nuts, looked at the watch yet did not read the time. Hmmm, interesting and probably true. It is true that in current times there are watches everywhere; on your computer, in your car, your mobile, the street, friends... hell, my oven has a clock! On top of that most of these are adjusted to the atomic time. They are readily available everywhere and are likely to be more precise than even the Tourbillon you might have on your wrist. In theory we would not need to wear any watches at all... well, in theory that is. I went on to trying a small experiment. 10 days without a watch. Here is how it went;

Day 1: I am surprised I started this foolish tests at all. I have checked my empty wrist once but no major nuisance in not wearing a watch.

Day 2: I am sort of relieved not to wear a watch since I have been doing some mowing around the house and it is very likely I would have scratched it numerous times. Mind you, it is Sunday and I am not really in need to know the time at all.

Day 3: Out in the real world... No big deal, but I am starting to get annoyed at having to take out my phone all the time to check the time.

Day 4: I am mostly in front of the computer today and the time is in the upper right corner. No problems but I keep glancing at my naked wrist from time to time. I am starting to experience a "light" withdrawal syndrome.

Day 5: Taking out my phone out of my pocket to check the time is really stating to get on my nerves. In my head I am starting to think that 5 days is enough and maybe I could strap my URWERK (man it looks good!) back on again... NO, I am going through with this until the end!

Day 6: I am wondering if just putting the Linde Werdelin instrument counts as a watch. What about just keeping it in the pocket? No, no cheating...

Day 7: The physical urge of wearing a watch on my wrist has been overcome, BUT because I hate to pull out my phone to see the time I find myself asking my wife for the time ALL the time.

Day 8: My wife is really annoyed at me asking for the time ALL the time. Don't blame her, I am annoyed to ask ALL the time but it beats taking out the phone.

Day 9: I have stopped asking my wife for the time. At this point I fear for my physical well being should I ask her once more. I am back to taking out my phone...

Day 10: My god, I can't wait it to be over. Now, who will be first...

It is clear that after this little test I not only look at watches for the sheer pleasure of looking at them. Granted, many times I do, and I guess so do you. The thing that struck me most is that nobody, I mean NOBODY, asked me in 10 days why I was not wearing a watch. This is particularly relevant since most people go out of their way to see what I am wearing on my wrist. Not that I consider myself that important, but rather I have "peculiar" or "unique" watches that on occasions digress from the more "classic" or standard view.

Anyway, I have sacrificed myself so many of you don't have to. If you have doubts or had them, here is my experience and conclusion. Watches are a part of our lives today more than ever. They not only say something about you and set you apart but they are helpful so as not to loose track in a world where every second counts. Enjoy them, they deserve it!


halsteadfamily said...

Replace "watch" w/ "cigarettes" & I think you'll know why so many attempts to kick the habit fail.

Addictions come in all shapes & sizes.

Mine happens to be for watches as well, so I certainly can't argue w/ the conclusion & experience.

lbcyclist said...

I had a similar problem when I stopped working in an office and started working from home. The first 3-4 weeks were bizarre because I never wore a watch at home before, so starting now seemed strange. On the other hand, working without a watch was strange as well. Eventually I got used to not wearing a watch and now wearing one when I go out seems odd.

Velociphile said...

Hilarious. I'll have to try this....... maybe not. I could if I wanted though. Honest.... :-) Velo

KronosClub said...

You don't want to. Believe me!