This year has been relatively short at the SIHH for me. Hectic and with a cold it was not easy yet the whole visit could be described as; "short but sweet". The general feel was a bit "grayish" in general with much less ostentatious pieces as well as trumpets announcing "the" watch of the century... Things have been much more down to earth than previous years much to the disappointment of news-hungry watch enthusiasts. To be honest, I think it is for the better. Most presented pretty much that which was expected; A larger Offshore from AP (plus a horrendous oversized contraption), another replica by Jaeger, another Zeitwerk by Lange, a couple of potential collectors pieces by Panerai and a very surprising "dee-blinging" by Roger Dubuis. The later was probably the most interesting development.

After the monotony of the SIHH you could say that the GTE was "almost" more interesting than the SIHH this year. Where it not for a few stunningly tasteless contraptions, one could even say that the GTE was a better show. Ressence and Speake-Marin where undoubtedly some of the few worth stopping and taking a look at and there was one that I thought completely through me off... HD3's "Slide" was certainly an unconventional solution amongst what is considered "Haute Horologerie". But guess what? I actually liked it! As a tecy and gadget lover that is...

Anyway, during these next days I will be bloging the most interesting pieces one by one. Stay tuned.

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Velociphile said...

Looking forward to your balanced reporting. :D