This is the first departure from the 103 series. The long awaited bridge between the 103 and the 202 not only in price but in concepts as well. A bit awkward and aggressive at first but surprisingly comfortable and well balanced once you get closer to it. The new display orientation makes a whole of sense with a shirt on. Pretty much like MB & F "HM2" or F.P. Journe's philosophy where the time is displayed on the far right of the dial, the piece that usually happens to stick out. A surprisingly confortable and convenient wear.

The depth and three dimensional aspect of the dial is accentuated by the silver finish of this piece. Unlike the black URWERKs the details of the finishes are much more present here. The bottom of the display has the 5 year service meter, a day night indicator and what is (except for the CC1) the fists time a regular production URWERK has a seconds hand. The rear has the two turbines that dampen an excessive speed of the rotor but with no possibility to adjust the speed of rotation. The function of these two turbines is more that one of protecting the movement from damage rather than controlling the winding as it does on the UR-202. The construction of the case is no picnic either. The finishes and details go beyond most watch cases to date. The angles and crevasses are machined to perfection, almost too clinical. The crown with a built in lever is exceptionally easy to operate. As with all URWERKs it is real treat to set the time since the smoothness of the crown is one of Felix's secret emphasis. To tell you the truth I suspect that this is a detail that most watch lovers secretly enjoy.

The way the time is displayed is a hybrid method between the classic satellite of the 103 and the flipping dice of the 200 series. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I take it that a movie is worth a thousand pictures... so in that spirit I have uploaded this little video for you. Enjoy!

As much as I have mixed feelings, I am certain that in no time this could very well be one of, if not the most popular URWERK to date. I must admit that after wearing the 110 and putting my beloved 103.05 back on felt... a bit "blend". Once most 103 fans get used to the more aggressive, more important, modern lines of the UR-110 it will be a reference for future models. Expect a black version soon and variants. Black will make it more mysterious but you will loose the depth of the the silver finish. Since there will be only 55 of these made I suggest haste when going to your dealer. The price is not fixed yet but it will be positioned at around 85,000$ which is between the 103 and 202. Considering the case, movement, complexity, functions (especially the very appreciated 5-year service indicator) I would consider this one very closely. I put this one amongst the best 3 of this year's Geneva fair.



Anonymous said...

This is a gorgeous watch and looks way more attractive to me than their previous models. If I win the lottery I may buy one.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks this faux-modern-steampunk and overworked mechanical extravaganza is uglier than hell? I'd be ashamed to wear such a monster in public. There's something to be said for taste, minimalism and restraint. And Urwerk isn't it.

KronosClub said...

Well, to each his own... Minimalism and restraint are qualities that I surely agree with when choosing a watch, but taste is a purely subjective concept. For instance; I find Hublot to be appalling, yet their sales prove me wrong every day.

Anyway, the 110 is not my cup of tea either, at least at first. It is likely that it will attract a crowd that has been unknown to URWERK up until now, which I suspect is the main reason behind it. Physically the watch is not so large at all. Under a shirt you could even say it is a surprisingly good fit.