MB & F "Horological Machine Nº2"

Finally, a close encounter with MB & F's Number 2. At a first glance you get a "Steampunk meets Star Trek" feeling. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised to be pleasantly surprised. The HM2 was much smaller and thiner than I had anticipated. Quite comfortable, which is not what you would expect when taking its shape into consideration. Contrary to what most of us would think, this is a watch that works better with a casual jacket or suit. Because it's thin and wide, it slips under your sleeve without major tailoring. Mind you, I have 2 cm more on my left sleeve than on my right (most watch addicts will know what I am talking about). The reason why I mention that it's a great shirt/jacket watch is because of the correct placement of its time components. The time component is placed on the right side. Making the action of looking up the time a much more discreet mater. Like an F.P. Journe and completely UNLIKE a Lange since they placed the time face on the "other side" where it should NOT be (unless you are a lefty). The date and moon, which are secondary, are placed on the left side. You are less likely to check these too much in public or in meetings anyway... Plus the "not so" wide strap does not make the HM2 as vulgar as other watches with extra wide straps. Strangely it looks much more civilized on you wrist than off it. Even now I still get the feeling that the HM2 does not match my style yet when on my wrist I must confess that I had the urge to reach for my checkbook.

Then, there is the "Star Trek" mater. I understand that amongst purists this might be a difficult obstacle to overcome. Guilty, I like the show. I will watch it occasionally on TV but certainly NOT to the point of dressing up as one of their characters, not mentioning learning an absolutely useless language (Klingon...). I would seriously consider therapy should this be my case! I guess I like the classic Star Trek show for its 60's look and probably because I grew up with it. This could be the reason why I am biased and have a certain attraction to the look and graphics of the piece.

I admire that there are some people out there that take the time to think different. Especially in the industry where everybody looks at their neighbor for ideas. If you see much of the same ol' stuff all the time you start to get bored with it. Not that we should discard the classics completely, just that sometimes a breath of fresh air is welcome. Twin-faced watches are only now starting to emerge and give more solution without clogging dials. There is also a great amount of potential with such a disposition. Several insane ideas come to mind...

For all those that like MB & F but think; "twin-faces are too modern for me..." I have a slight suspicion that the Nº3 might be single-faced. However, don't take my word for it.

MB & F...

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