To be honest, I am not taken by the latest AMVOX.

Yes, there are some improvement in this AMVOX over the Master Tourbillon. The new date is displayed in a much more logical way by jumping from 31 to 1 instead of this silly gap or 15 to 16. The bridge over the Tourbillon is also a bit more modern and in tune with the theme. As for the rest, there are more things that bother me. I get the impression that they could have done without the extra GMT function. The extra hand just adds thickness. Frankly, a GMT indicator is not something you look for and appreciate in a Tourbillon. Furthermore, at a price tag of 60 thousand Euros I would expect it to have at least an annual calendar module and not that useless GMT and AM/PM indicator. Than the Tourbillon... is it just me or, does this Tourbillon NOT look like a Tourbillon? At a first glance there is none of that impression. Also the mix of black and rose gold reminds me too much of a... Chanel J12?

In any case, at a price tag of about 60 thousand Euros, about 94 thousand Dollars, and 300 units you can expect these to be on display for some time. Despite claiming that all have been sold (yes, to dealers) they will take some time before the end up being bought by end customers. The "Green" AMVOX R-Alarm which was in many markets a fiasco, has taken almost two years to disappear from displays. Despite Jaeger claiming that they sold all pieces, which is true, but what should be taken into consideration is if the watches have been sold to the end customer in order to assess the success of the piece. I am afraid that the money is too hight as well as the amount of units produced. The same is true of all previous Jaegers except the black AMVOX2. That one did not make the store windows.

Jaeger leCoultre...

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