This is one of the very cool pieces in Basel 2008. The Opus 8 is the latest addition to the Opus lineup.

I am certain that many of us can identify with the 70'ish Pulsar look. That is actually what it is meant to be. I remember being obsessed in my youth with these LEDs. Plus, seeing James Bond with one did not help. Finding one of these today in good condition is a difficult task. There are Some Jaeger and even Omegas out there that I would love to put my hands on. Alas, you only see them from time to time and they are just impossible to procure.

The Opus 8 is quite an exercise to say the least. Being able to make a mechanical version of what in our youths we only dreamt of having is certainly a challenge. The mechanism works by raising a template up onto the indicator pad by means of a lever. Once activated the template pushes the corresponding micro pillars upwards, as you can see in the picture. The lever is very easily mistaken by a repeater complication but instead of chiming this will make the hour apear only to recess back in its flat mode after a few seconds. Just like the Pulsar back then. The minutes are displayed in five minute increments on the right side. To be honest I would not mind a version with this design and with a real LED interior just for fun. I shouldn't be expensive of course.

Even if (as a watch addict) I am not to hot on jewelers making watches I must admit that the "Opus" are something that I can only dream to have. Unfortunately, like for most of us, this is only to bee seen from a distance...

Harry Winston...

P.s. Keep your eyes on the father of this little marvel, Frederic Garinaud. This might not be the last time you hear his name. Expect more stuff to come from him in the near future.

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