Sea-Dweller "Deep Sea"

And this is what Rolex has graciously granted us with at Basel 2008. A Sea-Dweller on steroids. Well, at least it's not as ugly as some of the previous contraptions. I am missing some color though. A "Sea-Dweller" or "Deep Sea" in red would certainly give it a little more life. Right now this Sub looks like the Grim Reaper to me.

Don't think it will be such a hot sale as last years Milgauss (especially the one with the green glass) since the previous Sea-Dweller was the least popular Sub of all time. Don't know why, it still is my favorite. I guess that the extra thickness, lack of distinction from the original and a higher price tag did not help. I any case such a tuneup was long overdue since with the competition surpassing the old Sea-Dweller's performance in many ways, Rolex can't just sit there and wait.

I must admit that I am intrigued by the new "ski-boot" fastener ratchet system. Baptized "GLIDELOCK" by Rolex this allows for corrections of the bracelet size by 1.8 mm increment without removing the watch. Very helpful for people whose wrists have a tendency to swell due to the heat, especially in summer. It is ironical that for years Rolex had some of the crummiest buckles in the business, and now it looks like they are really doing their homework in that respect. It's great that somebody is making an effort in addressing a subject that has not been tackled properly by the industry ever since watches first made it to our wrists. Many aesthetickal variants have been made but none really effective, comfortable and user friendly. The point being that nobody is ever 100% satisfied with their clasps, buckles, velcros, butterflies, etc... At least right now there is not a single clasp that is all that plus versatile enough to fit any size or shape of wrist. Rolex, another browny point to you.



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Wow! Didn't see this before. Scary, very scary.