Patek "World Time"

Ready your pockets.... steady... GO!
I though that the initial craze and mayhem created by the Nautilus 3712 could hardly be repeated. This 5131 could prove me wrong since it could very well be in much more demand than the Nautty. This quasi-tribute to one of the most expensive Pateks ever auctioned will be, I am certain, a real headache to get your hands on. An incredibly smart yet commercial move by Patek that will get both positive and negative reactions. There is no doubt in my mind that this one will fetch a small fortune in the second hand market. Plus, they might have a move up their sleeve. just like the 3712 that was retired prematurely. Some say that this move was premeditated in order to drive prices up. Who nows, I certainly would not mind the same thing happening again provided I had one too. Would you?

Personally I am not too taken by the engravings of "Patek Philippe" and "Geneve" on the bezel of the case. Although the general look of the World Time is very well executed since it is meant to give you that 30's look. To me it looks right on the money. Even if I still like the current 5130 platinum model better. If I where in the market for one I would probably go for that one instead.

Patek Philippe...

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Ron Freeman said...

I agree the Patek Philippe Ref. 5131 has been and will continue to be very difficult to obtain. There are only a few artisans that can do the cloisone work.