NEW: 10-day test drive

At last I have decided to go video and start a 10-day test drive/assessment for watches. This new format will begin with a video introduction of the watch followed by a 10-day "test drive" and finished by the conclusions of the tested watch. I am not too keen on video, especially listening to myself. But then again, who does? (In the future there might be no audio comments at all, only subtitles. This will also considerably reduce the length of the video material) I guess that the format will need some tweaking so please bare with me.

This is how the test will develop initially;

- Introduction
- Packaging
- Functions

10-day test:
- Small, day to day comments on wearability and general use

- Pictures
- Check list

I will not be checking for precision or mention possible defects. The reason being that, one example does not and should not be used to judge the whole series. For instance if the watch being currently tested has exceptional precision that should NOT mean that all do and vice-versa. This test in only based on a superficial day to day assessment of a product. Things that mater in this test are legibility. comfort, easy of use, visible finishes, proper alignment of the hands, etc...

In order to keep the format interesting I will try to mix the type of watch as much as possible. Some like sport watches while others prefer more classical dress watches. The watches chosen will be either uncommon, or recently introduced. There is no point in conducting such a test on a 10 year old Submariner.

All the watches are either owned by myself, somebody close, have been bought by "The Watch Enthusiast" or have been loaned by the brand to conduct this specific test. No presents are accepted and the critiques will NOT be censured.


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