New year, new hope.

There are many interesting things ahead for us in 2007. The RM011, the AMVOX3, URWERK's Hammer Head, Audemars's Team Alinghi, and lately I hear that the boys at Lange might be cooking up something like a 42 mm Dato... Things look particularly interesting with Jaeger's new Diver lineup based upon the ever so revered "Polaris". However I would not expect an exact replica since the AMVOX1 is already very similar to the original Polaris from the 60's.

It is very unfortunate though that I will not be able to go to Basel/Geneva this year (... getting married). However, I will be monitoring developments closely and reporting them once they are available.
Almost forgot, I have a request for 2007 to "webmasters" of other sites and forums: I have NO problem with anybody using, taking and posting any information that is displayed here, I even have NO problem with "you guys" not mentioning the source... but taking this material and claiming that it is "your" exclusive when the pictures where taken from this Blog... that, I have a problem with. I especially recall the first pictures I posted on the 30 Anniversary Nautilus. I don´t like pointing fingers, but some forums took the pictures, added a watermark with their name and made them their exclusive. How do I know that they came from me? Simple, they did not bother changing the size of the pictures that I posted.


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KronosClub said...

One more to my last paragraph: These pictures, most of them "official" pictures, of these watches are the sole property of the companies that manufacture the watches. I certainly do not own them or have any particular right to them. All the material posted here is for everybody to use freely, even without mentioning the source (although it would be appreciated...). Believe me, I don't make any money out of this so competition is in this mater makes no sense to me. I don't care who uses the material as long as it's used in the right manner and is useful to somebody.

Putting any sort of watermark on a picture that comes from a factory is really poor behavior. If the companies issue this photographic material it's for everybody to enjoy with an unobstructed view, and not with a "" across them. Making "public" material your own is not what internet is all about.

Sorry guys, I promise I won't mention this anymore. Cheers to all!