URWERK 201 "HammerHead"

Surely the year can't start any better than this. The 2.0 version of the OpusV. The new 200 series by URWERK is simply stunning. Many of us expected something spectacular and this really lives up to the expectations. I particularly enjoy the "use indicator" on the back (will try to post these soon). This is an absolute novelty: apart from the 5 year "service indicator" like the OpusV, the 201 actually keeps track of the time you have been wearing/using the watch for up to 90 years (118 if you want to be precise). Not really useful on a daily basis but it's things like that that make you "almost" build a personal relationship with an object.

URWERK is certainly developing into a very respectable watchmaker. With a very serious and cautious approach they are very appreciated by connoisseurs and watch lovers everywhere. Like with other URWERK models, pictures don't do them any justice.


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