FERRARI by Panerai

Now, this could be just another chapter of the X-Files. Taneenoneenoneee... After THREE, yes THREE previous and unsuccessful attempts (Longines, Cartier, Girard-Perregaux)... somebody decided that they HAD to give it another try. What in the name of good would lead one to believe that now this could work? As I predicted a year ago, the "Ferrari by Panerai" has not been a hot item to say the least. Granted, it was a match made in heaven, in theory. It is obvious by now that there is little chemistry between both. Mixing two good things don't always make a great thing. Mix a 21 year old Scotch with a triple distiled Russian premium Vodka and you get a notoriously horrible experience, a headache the size of Nebraska and a sizable bounty on your head in the entire Scottish highlands. Yet the Ferrari by Panerai are quite a good product. If you ask me, I would even dare say that some are better than the regular Panerai. The flaw of this plan was really woven from the start. The attempted to "bank" on Ferrari owners as a strategy was clearly not the way to go. In business, if you expect a sure sell, then better have a contingency plan ready. Ferrari owners, all I know at least, want an OffShore (preferably in gold). Ferrari owners are "status" buyers and Panerai, although widely recognized... just don't cut it.

Unfortunately, the very same thing that was meant to attract sales, the prancing horse, is the very thing that prevents this watch to be a bestseller. Makes sort of sense; if you don't have the car you look like you settled for the watch... if you got the car plus the watch, then you only need a shirt and cap to look like a complete dork. There is nothing wrong with the product, it's impeccable. Don't like all of them but some are actually quite buyable. If it where not for the Ferrari logo I would have not doubted to bounce on the Minerva chrono or even the new "California". (As expected there where NO pictures of that piece in the press kit). This regular PVD-DLC rattrapante chrono is more than just a good buy considering the quality of the face and general finish. Yet... the horse. Don't be surprised that these would sell much better if they just had "Panerai" on them.

I am not sure how long this venture is going to last. What I am certain is that when it is over all these might actually become quite a collectors item. Panerai have a way of getting very collectible if they are bashed by collectors at first and then loved once retired. The latest example was the ceramic Radiomir with the two divers on top of a torpedo (looked like a massive dildo to me). Once they removed that disturbing picture the ceramic Black Seal has been steadily increasing its value. Same thing happened when GP gave up they Ferrari line. Despite them being downright ghastly! I have heard no rummers yet, but the economic situation the way it is it could happen rather sooner that later. If this happens, be ready to snatch one because I suspect they could be very desirable in a not too distant future.

Ferrari by Panerai...

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