SIHH 2009

This years SIHH surely presents itself interesting. Not because of the novelties but more on the behavior of buyers and sellers. Rumors that there will be substantially less customers this year are well founded. On one side there are many from far away markets that had to choose between Basel 2009 or the SIHH. On the other the Richemont Group have downscaled the fully-treated to plane and hotel customers/press to a bare essential. Another is that many ADs in trouble think that by not showing up they will not be presented with an order sheet. Wrong... Richemont will make sure that all will go through the order sheet. Proof that there will be less attending the venue than before is that the very busy and overbooked Kempinsky Hotel has still rooms readily available.

Personally I am glad since I will be able to examine and see everything in detail instead of running like possessed. I will be able to give a more in depth critique brand-by-brand this year. I was able to see several to be presented novelties and in some cases I am appalled! I will not say anything until I get to see some of them in the flesh but some brands will have a very difficult 2009 to say the least.

My wish for this year is that the industry reacts fast and kill all "TOURBIBULLSHIT" projects and get down to business. They were fast to the trigger when laying off workers... Let's hope they react just as quickly with useless-overrated-complications and spend some R&D on not fully resolved problems such as shockproof movements, magnetism or an even better performance than a Tourbillon at down to earth prices and over their whole collection. Man, I am ranting again! Sorry... Anyway, I will be there for the whole week and eager to return and comment.

Report coming your way soon...


WatchTrader1 said...

I look forward to your photos and reports.

John Patterson said...

Aloha - Nice blog.
I'm here trying to find some "non-press release" news from SIHH to hear how it really went.
Our firm will be exhibiting at Baselworld again this year and I can't help but think it will be pretty slow.
Please stop by and say Hi (Hall 5.1/A33) if you're around.
- John @ Bathys Hawaii