Memovox "International" UPDATE

This is the first official picture of the "International".

Details are as follows;

- Limited to 750 units in steel and 250 in rose gold.
- The oficial list price will be 8,250 € for the steel and 16.100 € for the rose gold version.
- The table stand will be sold separately and exclusively at the Boutiques as an accessory. The price will be 1,000 €

I find the price to be even more reasonable than anticipated. I guess that this is due to separating the stand from the piece. Quantities are within normal parameters. I guess that the decision to separate the "tablet stand" from the watch helps bring the price down. It is only logic to assume that some would rather spend 1.000 € less for the watch instead of having to forcefully buy a base they might not even want in the first place. The second benefit is that it will be available as an accessory to all those that have a regular Memovox. I can but applaud this decision. It's simply is a win-win situation for all. The watch is cheaper and anybody that owns a Memovox has the choice to purchase the base separately.

The base will be pretty much like it has been shown in the pictures bellow. It will be rhodium coated like the Atmos and the top will be padded with leather to prevent scratching. Actually the base fits so well it is only to prevent scratching the buckle when inserting the watch in the base.

Jaeger leCoultre...

P.s. I am still intrigued about where this base/stand came from. Once I have the proper data I will post here in that regard...


Perpetuelle said...

Thank you for posting the add'l det's!


Velociphile said...

Thanks D. Hmmm, price - JLC continue to try to steadily claw back retail price in the last five years to make up the position they lost since they re-entered the market too low down after the late eighties meltdown. But are they really selling so well? I keep seeing far too many pieces discounted or 'unworn' at bargain prices to believe you need to pay full price.

KronosClub said...

Hi T.

Yes. However I still feel that I am getting my moneys worth with a Jaeger which is not necessarily the case with many other brands. Right now I see many discounted pieces everywhere from everybody. Even pieces that used to be untouchable. I guess it's just a matter of supply and demand.


Velociphile said...

I completely agree that JLC still offers up great engineering and value compared to many (most) others... Just everything seems so expensive these days.... ;-)

KronosClub said...

Yes, everything has gotten out of hand lately. As far as I remember al price increases have been always above inflation. After many years this just amounts for quite a considerable increase in final price. in most cases I do not see much evolution in the watches. Take the OffShore for example. It has remained unchanged since 92 and price has been going up steadily above inflation ever since. Is this justifiable? Could this be due to marketing costs? Hmmm...

peter said...

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KronosClub said...

Hi Peter,

Many thanks for your interest regarding this blog. Unfortunately as you ca well see I do not accept any banner or links to any commercial site. The reason being that if I where to accept any money I would feel compelled to work on this blog on a regular basis. Right now I enjoy a freedom that is worth much more than any money I could get.

Thanks again for you interest though,