Memovox "International"

I am usually not in the game of making reportage bloging. However this time it is different. I have just been given a chance to test-drive the new, to be introduced in January, Memovox "International". At first I thought; "... 40mm, hmmm, too small for me" Being used used to be in the 44 to 46 range lately it did strike me to be a bit small at first . This reminds me that I should wear normal sized watches for a while or at least until I find 40mm normal again. Anyway, once on my wrist I could not help but be astonished at how strikingly elegant this was really is. For a moment I felt teleported to the 60's wearing a dark suit, white shirt, thin dark tie and the classic thick black Ray-ban sunglasses while crossing the TWA bridge at JFK Airport. When traveling had style and glamour, and flight attendants where graceful heavenly creatures. Almost hypnotizing to have something so 60's brand new on your wrist.

Needless to say that this is a first and nobody, I MEAN NOBODY, has published pictures of this piece yet. Yes, you saw it here first. By the way, I would hate to have to put watermarks on any of my pictures. If you want to use them, please go ahead but please have the grace to mention or even link where you got these photos from. Thanks in advance.

The second surprise is the prototype desk-stand. This is actually a replica of one that was sold originally with the Memovox in the past. Apart from being a stand for the Memovox it also amplifies the sound of the alarm. I really was smitten with the idea that they would bring this back. Awesome! Even if you are not the kind to take off your watch when at work or when asleep. This is a very cool accessory none the less.

The brass prototype of this stand/amplifier was clearly unfinished yet incredibly tight and well fitted to the Memovox. It is unclear what the indentation in the front was. Some believe it was possibly a thermometer, others a digital clock. This version will get a plate. This is pure speculation but it could be engraved in case of this being a gift. I still think one or two millimetres would have done this watch some good. And my only "but" is that the opening of the date does not have a steel frame like the previous Memovox. In this case I still have hope since this is not a 100% completed watch.

Since this was a prototype, a very well finished prototype, the details on the back are likely going to be different so there is no point in shoving it just now. The price will most likely be slightly higher than the Polaris. If the stand is part of the whole package I would estimate a 10% to 20% increase over the Polaris. Quantities are most likely going to range in the 1,000 range. Personally I can't but applaud these "vintage" editions. They are what many of us have been dreaming to have a chance to own one of these pieces of history.

Jaeger leCoultre...


Velociphile said...

Wuh hay! WOW! *GASP!* What a beauty!

Congrats on the exclusive D.


KronosClub said...

Yes, a beauty indeed!

I was smitten when I saw this I admit. I have seen the originals several times before yet at maximum 36mm they where never really a candidate. This one is just, well, perfect.

Really cant wait to see the finished desk stand!

clavi said...

Well, to me anything beyond 40mm is crap and overly fashion with no common sense. So with this watch they just got it right as far as dimensions are concerned.

One comment on the desk-stand. This is actually NOT a replica of one that was sold originally with the Memovox. This stand is created to look like a desk clock from the late 1930's (so-called 'borne') which had a double side time display. In no way related to the memovox, so I just wonder why they came up with this idea.

I played with the watch 2 weeks ago, and I must say it is a very nice watch, although I prefer the non-worldtime, regular version.


Perpetuelle said...

Fantastic indeed. Thanks for posting!

KronosClub said...


On your first comment I would like to disagree. The mater of size is just like wearing a jacket your size. If it's either too big or too small it just looks silly. Regardless if the mastery of watchmaking is making things as small and thin as possible my size ranges from 39 to 42 millimeters. Anything above or bellow just looks ridiculous on me. I could wear up to 44 but I try to avoid this as much as possible. Plus, by definition a small watch is just as much fashion as a large watch. If you mean to tell me that manufacturers increase case sizes without modifying the movements or performance/protection of the case than I must agree. However, I would love to own a Philippe Dufour if it was 40 and not 38 millimeters. It just looks like a child's watch on me.

Regarding your comment on the stand I would like to ask of you if you could find any pictures or more details regarding it. It's also puzzling to me where this came from...


Speedmaster said...

Beautiful, I really like that!