Hautlence "HL"

Just had the first contact with real a production Hautlence. Must admit I am quiet impressed, with the watch and with the future of the brand. Guillaume Tetu was so kind as to explain the philosophy and more important, their project. As to where they want to take Hautlence I am certain that if they stick to the plan they will take their venture quite far. There are few occasions when I agree more as to watch making strategy. The HL for instance will be produced only 88 times in each version. The next project will not be with that "TV shape" case. The idea is that Hautlence do not want to be identified with a particular shape. Good move if you ask me.

Although the price is a bit steep (35,000 €) the finishing is well within the expected. Its design elements are very interesting and will make this watch interesting to you for quite some time. Even thought the shape is not my favorite the HL looks much better ON the wrist that OFF the wrist. The TV shaped case, which I thought was a disadvantage, becomes more understandable once you examine the watch more closely. The movement is the one "forcing" the case shape of the watch, it is not an element of style.

Like many watches and especially with this one you have to see it in the flesh to properly make your self an opinion. If you get the chance take a look, even if you are not in the market for something like that it is an interesting piece nonetheless.


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