KALPA "Chiaroscuro"

More and more manufacturers are taking care of the backs as much as the front of their watches. like Lange's "Double Split" your reaction is; nice, yawn... Then, you turn it around and your heart goes racing. This Parmigiani's rear is just a hole new ball game.

A truly breathtaking finish and movement design. However, I wish it where not that expensive, it where not a Tourbillon and there where more than 30. Is that too much to ask? If Parmigiani had the guts to redesign all their regular movements like this it would certainly raise brown in the watchmaking community. It is obvious that with the "Chiaroscuro" they have the design ability. Now, will they be able to make a "Hebdomadaire" with this sort of movement design without outrageously increasing its price? Would they even consider such a move? Would you consider a "Hebdomadaire" if they would?


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Antonio said...

I would certainly consider it, I love this piece !