More 8-days manuals...

No need to deny it. I am a fan of 8-days manuals with power reserve.

With the introduction of their new 13RO calibre Blancpain have entered the arena with stile. This movement is a very beautiful pice of watchmaking. Under the pretense of renovating what was a sinking ship the Swatch Group have put more "punch" behind Blancpain. Thus, the movement is finished in a much superior fashion to what we have been accustomed to by Blancpain so far.

Particularly interesting is the enlarged Titanium balance wheel. This has been developed and is said to achieve better precision (I will put a hold on that until it has been proven on the street and not in a lab). In any case, it looks cool and adds a touch of modern to what is a classic movement design/finish.

What is unfortunate is the case/face it was put in. It has the sex-appeal of a Camel.

Calibre 13RO...

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