Supply or Demand?

Don't know if it's because Rolex has finally caught up with the manufacturing of the green sapphire glass or if the economy has caught up with Rolex. More and more green Milgauss are being readily available at no premium and at a discount in some markets. This is the occasion to maybe get one of these. With the recently discontinued steel Yachtmaster the Milgauss is my Rolex favorite. While I can tell you why the Yachtmaster is I just can't explain on the green Milgauss. I just do.

The movement on the other hand is not even close to the Yachtmaster but it does have a certain "something". I just can't stand how o the Milgauss the minute hand jumps two minutes back or ahead when you pull or push the crown back in. A green Yachtmaster would have been cool but we might have to wait another 30 years for an anniversary model.


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