A mater of Survival

On November 6th... the beast will be unleashed!!! Not my cup of tea but interesting however. If I had to describe it I would say it is a Barrichello II on heavy steroids. Even the term "Hummer" version of the Offshore would fit.

Unfortunately what was going to be regular production model will be Limited to 1000 pieces. Too bad, it would have been great to have a really "freakish" AP on the catalogue. By now almost everybody has seen pictures or has a very accurate description of the piece. Who knows, if there are too many "hyping" the presentation to increase their hits I might be bad and post it way ahead of everybody... Then again, last time I posted ahead many used the pictures for their own credit I might not do so. I really don't want to add watermarks and spoil the pictures like many others do. Well, let's see what happens.

P.s. By the way, there are two even larger bombs on the way for next year.

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