MB & F "Horological Machine No.3"

News from the "House of Büsser"... The HM3 surely wont leave you indifferent. Quite a pice. Most of us love the idea, finish, design... yet there is that wearability issue. Don't discard the HM3 just yet due to that. The HM3 might be subject like other watches that are erroneously perceived to be difficult or uncomfortable to wear. Similar to the URWERK or even the HM2 things change quite a bit once on your wrist. If you get a chance to see one in the flesh do not hesitate to take a closer look.

The movement is a real beauty to contemplate and the whole idea is quite different from what is out there right now.

There will be two versions, the Sidewinder and the Starcruiser. Both are essentially the same movement yet both are directed towards you for different situations. The Starcruiser is when you hold the steering wheel of your car so you do not need to let go of it. The Sidewinder is set up for the classic "reflex" arm movement to read the time.

Personally I would not know which of the two suits me best, I guess the Sidewinder would be my choice. What do you think?

MB & F...

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